Welcome to the rough world of Swedish freshwater fishes. The fishcomposer opens up new possibilities to edit and arrange sounds of freshwater fishes.
If you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream whale & dolphin songs, you just found it. Click here (flash)

The fish composer consists of 5 rings (numbered 1-5 in
orange above) containing 16 beats (one beat colored blue above).

Click drag one fish to one of the 16 beats on any of the 5 tracks. Repeat the process to build your composition. Then press
play to hear what you have done. Press stop to halt the playback. You can also rotate the rings to tweak the timing. The pink minus (-) and plus (+) sign adjust the overall tempo. Click stop before adjusting the tempo and then play again.

Concept and design: Mikael Ericsson, Fredrik Timour
Programming: Patrik Karlsson